Broadway Across America

Automatic Renewal is right for you if:

  • You plan to renew your subscription no matter what
  • You crave convenience
  • You want to save $70 per seat on your subscription package


  • Never miss a renewal deadline and risk losing your seats
  • Choose how you would like to pay – in one single payment, or using our four-installment payment plan interest-free. We will charge you season after season in whichever format you choose when you enroll.
  • You’ll enjoy $70 per seat off your subscription (Savings subject to seating location and renewal date.)
  • A money back guarantee and nothing to lose – if you decide you don’t want to renew for any reason, you can receive a full refund as long as you contact us at 866.276.4884 or email us at by the Renewal Deadline of March 9, 2020.

About Automatic Renewal

Automatic Renewal is a risk-free, convenient service offered to handle the renewal process on your behalf to ensure you never miss a deadline.

If you change your mind once the season is revealed, contact us at 866.276.4884 or email us at by 5 pm on the Renewal Deadline of March 9, 2020 and we will refund you in full and cancel your seats.

  1. There are two ways to join – either via an invitation emailed to you ahead of the season announcement, or as part of your subscription renewal. If renewing by phone or in person, just be sure to tell the agent you’d like to opt into Automatic Renewal moving forward. Once enrolled, we’ll renew your subscription for you season after season.
  2. Before the season is announced, you will receive an email containing a reminder of the credit card on file we will charge, the date we will charge your card, and the amount, and if you are using a payment plan – the total amount for your subscription package.
  3. A few days prior to the season announcement as outlined in the email you’ll receive, we’ll charge your card. We will confirm with you via email whether you were successfully charged, or if we require further action to complete your renewal.
  4. If you change your mind once the season is revealed, contact us by 5 pm on the Renewal Deadline and we will give you a full refund and cancel your seats.
  5. We will take care of your renewal season after season, and we will always notify you prior to charging your card.
  6. If you would like to keep your seats but opt out of the Automatic Renewal program, simply call us at 866.276.4884 to discontinue. We will no longer renew your seats for you each year.

General FAQ

Dallas Summer Musicals’ 20/21 season will be announced on January 17, 2020.

The Renewal Deadline for the 20/21 season is 5 pm on March 9, 2020.

Yes! You will receive your same subscription seats to all shows included in the season package at the Music Hall. Please note: Seating may vary at the Winspear Opera House.

All renewed subscribers, including those opted into Automatic Renewal, will be eligible to participate in the online upgrade process following the Renewal Deadline.

We will communicate with you every step of the way.  Before the season is announced, you will receive an email with the total you will be charged, and the date(s) you will be charged so there are no surprises.

In order to ensure a seamless process on the announcement day, we will charge your credit card a few days before. This allows us to contact you if any issues arise. If a Season Add-On is offered (shows that can be purchased in addition to the subscription package), you will have first access to buy tickets, because your renewal is already complete when the season is announced.

No problem! If you change your mind after we announce the season, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you contact us by 5pm on March 9, 2020.

Thursday, December 19 at 11:59PM CT

Don’t worry! You will receive an email after the season has been announced with a link to renew via your online account. You can opt into the program as part of paying your renewal invoice.

Yes! You can choose to pay a single amount, or use our four-installment interest-free payment plan.

If you select the payment plan option, the first charge will be 1-3 days prior to the season announcement (don’t worry – we will email you in advance with the exact date and total). The subsequent payments will be charged on May 22, 2020, June 26, 2020, and July 31, 2020. We will send you an email reminder prior to each charge.